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Mercedes is Working On A Zero Emission G Class

Mercedes G Class electric SUV

The electric future is happening right now and it’s happening very, very, very fast. As we say, if you are interested in buying an electric car, any electric car then go for a Tesla. Tesla has gone through the early adopter pain all for your personal gain. Tesla simply offers the best electric car products at this current time. In terms of advanced technology and relative affordability

One car a majority of motoring journalists and normal people can not afford it the Mercedes G Class. However, Mercedes is seeing through the same Tesla electric car spectacles as it confirms there will be a zero-emission version of the G Class. Zero-emission is professional verbatim for an electric vehicle. But it could also mean a hydrogen-fueled vehicle.

The Germans have long favored hydrogen over battery-powered electric cars. However hydrogen fuel is expensive to transport, it needs to be kept at -40C and that causes all sorts of issues. Not least that hydrogen is highly combustible.

However hydrogen-powered vehicles are simply being left behind by the rise of battery-powered electric vehicles. So the time for hydrogen-fueled cars should be now. A hydrogen-powered vehicle is still seen as a niche product, only a handful of are available to buy.

That said Mercedes is said to be umming and ahhing between making a pure electric or hydrogen-powered G Class. The best bet is that the Mercedes G Class will be pure electric, that is to say, battery-powered. That is to say, it will become even more expensive.

It’s a bit of a turn around for G Class, at one point Mercedes considered scrapping it altogether. But it has been given a second life, Mercedes finally realized the G Class has an iconic status that the sales and marketing department can exploit

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