James May, Shell Oil Shill, Is Now A Proud Tesla Owner

James May, Shell Oil shill, believes to preserve the future of the fossil fuel era car then embracing new technologies such as the new generation of electric cars is the only way to save the internal combustion-powered vehicle in the long term. That’s why he bought a Tesla. By his own admission, he isn’t interested in the ”the green stuff”. Actually, the electric-powered vehicle is as old a concept as the internal combustion engine vehicle.

For various reasons, the fossil fuel car won the day, primarily because it was cheaper to make than an electric vehicle, back in the day. James May doesn’t know what future the fossil fuel car has. But it’s very simple to chart. It won’t have a future and hydrogen fuel cells will not be the future.

It’s going to be electric. And the fossil fuel-powered car will whimper out of existence in the same way the steam-powered locomotive did. Fifty years from now the debate May is proposing will be seen as backward thinking.

Fifty years from now, people will look back at this time and wonder why we embraced such polluting technologies. Much in the same way we look back at the Victorians for putting, as an example, lead in paint.

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