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Aston Martin Reveals DBX SUV

Aston Martin DBX,

Well here it is, the Aston Martin DBX, is it a supercar, a super SUV or super vehicular transportation? It is what it, an SUV specifically created to cater to the current surge in demand for SUVs. And also to boost Aston Martin’s production targets. The more cars Aston Martin makes and sells the better for investor dividends. So what is the DBX all about? Apart from boosting stock market confidence, it’s an SUV that has been 5 years in the making. And such a product is a first for the British supercar maker. The engine, running gear and suspension is all sourced from Mercedes. So is much of the infotainment system. The full-grain leather luxury is provided by Aston Martin.

Utilizing bonded aluminum, a construction method Aston Martin has refined through the development of its sports cars. The body structure is designed to be both light and stiff, assisting in the delivery of an overall kerbweight of 2,245kg.

The adaptive triple volume air suspension is sourced from Mercedes and is combined with the latest Mercedes sourced 48v electric anti-roll control system. The electronic adaptive dampers can raise the ride height by 45mm or lower it by 50mm.

Aston Martin DBX, side view,

But the heart of the Aston Martin DBX is ruled by a specifically tuned Mercedes AMG engine. The 4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine found in DB11 and Vantage, outputs 550PS and 700NM of torque. The DBX can sprint from 0 to 62mph in 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 181mph.

Transmitting this power and torque to the ground is a nine-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. It is allied to an all-wheel-drive system with active differentials featuring an active central differential and an electronic rear limited-slip differential (eDiff).

Aston Martin DBX, interior,

The interior is signature Aston Martin’s luxury. The sumptuous looking cabin is trimmed in the finest full-grain leather. A contemporary range of wood, composite and metal veneers and fabrics ensures that the cabin can be tailored to any taste. 

Much of the cabin and driver technology is again sourced from Mercedes and reworked to fit Aston Martins’s design language.

Aston Martin DBX RQ,

A 10.25” TFT digital instrument binnacle is complemented by a 12.3” TFT infotainment system. Apple CarPlay comes as standard, as does a 360-degree camera system and ambient lighting that offers 64 different colours in two zones.

Recommended Retail Price from £158,000 in the UK, €193,500 in Germany and $189,900 in USA. DBX is on sale now, with first deliveries scheduled to begin Q2 2020.

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