10 Things You Need To Know About Formula 1 2021 Rules

The Formula One 2021 season is all set for sweeping technical and regulatory changes. The fact that all teams are in agreement is as much of a surprise as are some of the changes being introduced. While the technical regulations are detailed and well-thought-out the biggest change is the introduction of a cost cap.

It will be interesting to see how teams get around the £175 million budget cap. It’s a bit silly to introduce a cap because the bigger teams will spend surplus sponsorship money on other areas. Such as driver or employee salary and marketing activities.

So there is no real meaningful cost cap, the bigger teams will still be able to outspend smaller teams because there will always be a small and big team disparity.

Most of the Formula One 2021 rule changes pertain to the aerodynamics. The hybrid engine remains unchanged although the use of exotic lightweight materials will be banned.

To find out more watch the video.

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