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WOW! THIS IS The BMW X5 M Competition!

BMW X5 M Competition

We regularly shit on BMW, because they are over-hyped by the media, the media who see it as their duty to become unquestioning lackeys to everything BMW PR overhypes. This is called journalism. To join the club you have to become part of the club and the BMW initiation ceremony is governed by a simple set of rules. Don’t fall out of line, only use positive terminology. That’s how it works folks, the worst part is it’s all rather hypnotic, you don’t know it’s happening until the last moment. It’s like a bait and switch. The theory is one group can not survive without the other. Motoring journalists need to tell a story and BMW wants them to tell it, but with conditions.

But today is world “fair and balanced” day where the journalism community declines not to be partisan hacks writing fake news or picking on Meghan Markle for being of mixed heritage. And we must (somewhat forced) celebrate this day by giving BMW fair and balanced coverage. For one day only. So here goes… AHEM!…

BMW has revealed the new Super-SUV X5 M Competition, consider it as a kind of performance upgrade to the regular BMW X5 M. The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 powerhouse delivers 620bhp and 553lb ft of torque (around 750Nm in old money).

BMW X5 M Competition interior

That power is channeled through an eight-speed automatic which transfers that vast energy to all four wheels. Top speed is limited  155mph, the 0-62mph time takes 3.8 seconds. The optional M Drivers pack will allow you to unlock the full 180mph.

BMW X5 M Competition rear

The BMW X5 M Competition will be fully kitted out with the latest in-car digital infotainment systems and connectivity features. And expect a luxurious interior to boot. But it won’t be cheap, UK buyers can expect to pay £113,310. The X6 also gets the M Competition overhaul.

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