Nissan Zero-Fucks Given Urban Commuter Is The Saddest Looking Concept In The History of Sad Looking Concepts

Nissan No Fucks Given Concept

This is the Nissan Zero Fucks Given IMk Concept. You want to know why former corrupt Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn paid himself so much in the gazillions? Because he did not want Nissan to prosper. That’s our theory. Look at this Nissan pathetic concept, it’s so sad looking you weep for pity’s sake. You pity the designers and engineers who had their design and development budgets squeezed by Carlos Ghosn as the former CEO lavished it up on buying expensive yachts, luxury homes and awarding generous salaries to his co-conspirators to defraud Nissan.

Our sympathies lie with the workers, in this case, the conceptual designers and engineers. This Nissan IMk EV is sad looking. It is designated as a zero-emission urban commuter. For us it is and always will be the Nissan Zero fucks given EV urban commuter. Because it appears the designers gave zero fucks because of “budget constraints”.

The Zero-Fucks Given Urban Commuter is, of course, a full EV concept based on a mysterious, all-new EV platform. Future pure electric Nissans will make use of this platform. The compact bodied Zero Fucks Given Nissan is strictly for city dwellers.

Concepts should make you go WOW! they should inspire, they should amaze even if they are not feasible today, tomorrow or in the future. A concept should grab you and shake you around. This sad looking concept is a Ghosn legacy… sad… so very sad.

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