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Would You Buy A Ford Named Flex? No Surprise Not Many People Did

Ford Flex canned,

The Ford Flex an odd-looking, odd sounding vehicle. It’s an SUV/Van crossover. Prime markets are in the United States, Canada and in the Middle East. The Flex is based on a vehicular platform dating back to 2004. But that’s not the main issue. The main issue is that not many people bought into the idea of owning a Flex and so Ford has kicked the slowing Flex into the trash can of history.

Ford Flex sales peaked way, way back in the day, 2008 to be precise, with annual sales of  38,000 vehicles sold. Last year only 20,000 Flex SUVs found new homes. Ford sold 2.5 million vehicles in 2018, it’s the biggest seller by far is the F-Series pickup truck with over 888,000 units sold every year. The Flex has become unviable so it’s an inevitable sayonara.

Ending production of the Flex has ramifications, it will enable Ford to lay off 450 workers. The Flex is manufactured at Ford’s Oakville production facility in Ontario, Canada. The Lincoln MKT, built alongside the Flex, will also cease production due to declining sales.

Not a great day for the workers for sure. The Flex sold 296,000 units over a 10-year production run. Despite odd concept looks it didn’t appeal to American buyers, probably because of the chosen brand name… Flex. Why not “Mountain Explorer” or the “Trailback”.

The Flex is an example of what bad marketing can do. The cure is to instruct Ford marketing people to lay off the lines of cocaine and alcohol. Clear minds will enable clear thought which will deliver more sales.

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