Living The Supercar Dream Is Riddled With Unexpected Consequences For Shmee150

Living the supercar dream Life of Riley isn’t the luxurious carefree existence you would imagine. Shmee150 owns a fleet of supercars his favorite most personal is the Aston Martin GT8, the last of the old school Aston Martins. Shmee1500 paid £200,000 for his GT8, he vlogged about the whole buying experience from start to completion.

Shmee150 reckons his supercar dream Aston Martin GT8 has lost around £50k in the near three years he has owned the GT8. He rarely uses it despite having clocked over 6525 miles. He reveals the Aston Martin GT8 costs £800 to service every year.

Insurance the Aston martin GT8 costs Shmee150 under £2,000 per year. oad Road tax, £500. Warranty extension costs £2,000 per year. But the real issue we have identified is the Rolex Daytona Shmee150 is wearing, that watch alone starts from £9,000.

We have to admit the boy has got taste. Very expensive taste. Next consideration for Shmee150 to make is getting a bodyguard, he’s like a walking jewelry shop. Just sayin’.

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