Look-a-Likes, Bollinger B1 vs Hammerhead Eagle iThrust

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The award-winning Look-a-like feature is BACK! and for a short time only. This time its the Bollinger B1 vs the all-Top Gear made Hammerhead Eagle iThrust. One is an electric SUV years in the making, the other is an electric… something… a few weeks in the making. One will use a state of the art electric powertrain, the other uses an electric powertrain designed by James May… presumably on the back of a packet of fags in a pub. An English pub. Or tavern if you are reading this in California.

The Hammerhead Eagle iThrust was state of the art for its time, a short time, very, very limited time. State of the art for Top Gear and as state of the art as you can get with a £6,000 design and manufacture budget. The Eagle iThrust was based on a TVR donor chassis and was powered by two electric motors from a milk float. Top speed was rated at 15mph. A diesel generator boosted battery life, but we can’t say if it was ever successful.

The Bollinger B1 is a retro-looking SUV for sure, its a nearly production-ready prototype for now. The dual electric powertrain delivers 614bhp, a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of… we don’t really know yet. Top-quality journalism.

But we do know the Bollinger B1 houses a 120kWh battery to juice those dual-electric motors and that it has a towing capacity of over 7 tonnes. The Bollinger appears to have been inspired by the 1st generation Land Rover Defender. However, in reality, the company does not want to admit to being inspired by the legendary, ahead of its time, Hammerhead Eagle iThrust.

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