Sebastian Vettel Warned Never Tor Trust Charles Leclerc or Ferrari, By Former Ferrari Driver

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The 2019 Italian Grand Prix has many lingering questions hanging over the spinning head of Sebastian Vettel. The 4 times world champion was comprehensively beaten during Sunday’s race. Vettel compounded matters by spinning on lap 6 as he chased down the lead cars after extricating himself from a first-lap melee. Vettel spun at the Variante Ascari, which is a fast, short sweeping left-right-left chicane. No car has ever spun at the midsection before. It appears Vettel took much kerb, the car bottomed out and pitched the Ferrari into a spin. Then he hit the Force India of Stroll when he comically tried to rejoin the track. By that point, Vettel’s race was over.

Arguably, Vettel’s race was over before it ever began when Charles Leclerc secured pole position during Saturday’s qualifying session. The two Ferrari drivers had agreed to give one another a tow. Monza is predominantly straights divided by a few niggly slow and high-speed chicanes. Both Ferraris had a power advantage, by giving one another a tow both Leclerc and Vettel could lock-out the front row.

Vettel kept to his side of the bargain, however, Leclerc was not able to reciprocate during the final few minutes of qualifying which ended in a farce. Was Vettel too trusting of his young-gun teammate or was he simply naive? Ferrari usually goes with the stronger driver, and Vettel isn’t showing his strongest form this year. Leclerc has two back-to-back wins.

Former McLaren and Ferrari driver, Gerhard Berger has warned Vettel to watch his back.

During a recent media interview Gerhard Berger said:
Gerhard Berger in his McLaren days

“I have to say it clearly: there is no team play at this level in Formula 1. Everyone is on their own and has to see that he gets his own nose in front. I do not know if he fooled Vettel, but it has long been clear that Leclerc has an absolute killer instinct and is headed in the direction of the World title”.

Berger questioned why Vettel waited so long to get a tow off Leclerc and why Vettel didn’t simply forget team play and go for pole alone.

“He (Vettel) can never rely on Leclerc. good faith has little place in top-level sport, where the World Championship is concerned. Ferrari will always back the one who has the best opportunities and that is currently the Charles because Sebastian did not do a great job.”

“To spin and then hit Lance Stroll in front of you, you can not expect from a four-time World Champion. He has to keep cool and race-by-race get his nose back to the front.”

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