I Hate My Ferrari 458 Speciale Says Parker Nirenstein

Parker Nirenstein, Vehicle Virgins, YouTube, advertising… money. God damn, we should’a started a YouTube channel, in marketing, terms its a potentially lucrative vertical. In reality, not one of us here at DCB HQ are camera friendly. That is to say, we come across as awkward, not good for YouTubing, not good ever, and we have screen-tested ourselves.

So folks like Parker Nirenstein end up raking in all the cash, and to such an extent he is able to afford a Ferrari on the back of his YouTube earnings. And a house… and a mortgage, and appearance fees… and more advertising.

And what are we here at DCB HQ doing? watching everyone else get richer while we get poorer. We may as well quit this business… but we solider on along for the love of it. God, we hate this business.

Anyway, Nirenstein finds a few things, indeed many things wrong about his Ferrari 458 Speciale. Because? he can, he bought it, therefore, he owns it and drives it. And what do we drive? VW bloody Tiguan… Urano Grey.

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