Laguna Seca, The Lexus RC F Track Edition And A Naturally Aspirated V8

The Lexus RCF Track Edition is something of an old dog in an ever-changing world where gasoline-powered cars will become a polluting footnote in the history of automated, mechanized transportation. But there is still life in the old dog as MotorTrend takes the RCF Track Edition to task.

The Lexus RCF Track Edition performance reads, that 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 415bhp and 383lb ft of torque. That’s around 519Nm in old money. The RC-F is available in three variants starting from £62k for the base spec, £69k for the Carbon Edition and £79k for the Track Edition

The RCF is refreshed on the outside and also under the skin. Stiffer bushings on the rear suspension, front aluminium suspension and new engine mounts scream track car, track car. Weight reduction measures have shaved off between 60kg and 70kg.

Motor Trend takes the RCF Track Edition for a spin around the Laguna Seca, located in Monterey California. Former all-star motor racing legend Scott Pruitt is joined by a difficult understand Limey.  

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