Shmee150 Smashes His McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is once again in the automotive headlines. Usually, we do not feature crash-bang-wallop YouTube videos. But this is different, this is Shmee150 and unusually the Shmee150 McLaren Senna was involved in a crash on one of the busiest road networks in the UK. The M25. The M25 motorway (freeway) is more often than not congested.

And so it was for the Shmee150 McLaren Senna as the pair headed down south to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Yet again the M25 was congested with slow-moving traffic.

The YouTuber was doing no more than 40mph when an HGV (semi truck) pulled into his path. It was a low-speed accident, but the sheer weight of the truck did some very expensive damage to the McLaren Senna.

Shmee150 was uninjured, naturally, he was gutted for the Shmee150 McLaren Senna which is a prized if not cursed possession. The Senna has been involved in numerous and well-publicized fires and accidents.

As for Shmee150s’ McLaren Senna? it’s back to McLaren Automotive HQ for repairs. This isn’t a repair and respray for Bob the local accident and repair specialist. 

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