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Une Renault Megane à Cinquante Mille Euros?! Pah! Pah!, Et ensuite? Godzilla Dans Un Bikini !!?

Renault Megane RS Trophy R dailycarblog.com

When we saw the price Renault want you (the people) to pay in order to get behind the wheel of a Renault Megane RS our initial thought was c’est quoi ce bordel!!! I mean it’s just a bloody Megane. And don’t get me started on the crap fest that was a Megane, that still is. Oh yes, I am a fortunate soul to have been a former Megane owner. Fortunate because I experienced continual breakdown. Always the turbo goes pop first. Is it still like that, pop goes the Renault turbo? Maybe, I mean look what happened to Daniel Ricciardo at the recent German Grand Prix. Exhaust failure said them.

But I think Ricciardo’s retirement from the German GP was all to do with the turbo giving up and the later explanation was a convenient PR cover-up. What do they call it? Crisis management. In the UK, we call crisis management “chaos” or Brexit. Renault’s Formula One experience is symptomatic of their road car division. Poorly conceived and poorly made.

Yet I have identified another issue with this limited edition Megane RS Trophy R. First of all its the stupid long-winded name. Secondly its the price, they start at £51k. Thirdly… it’s the price, pricer models are pricier-er, £72,000 pricier-er. Sacrebleu! Thankfully only 500 models will be sold globally.

That means only 500 people around the world will experience how quickly the Renault Megane RS Trophy R will fail. At something. Probably at everything. Yes, it will happen you’ll be driving it… for about 20 minutes. But what the hell is the point of this car? Do you really want to reveal to the world that you drive around in a Renault Megane… RS… Trophy R?

Our advice is if you have £50 -£70k to spend on your dream sports car then buy a brand new Porche Boxster. Heck if you can stump £70k for a Megane RS Trophy RS Nurburgring Record version then don’t waste your money. Use that £70k as a down payment for a brand new 911. Or just buy a second hand Porsche. Or just spend a night in a water-filled ditch, just don’t by the Renault.

Renault Megane RS Trophy R, you are over-priced, over-confident, overvalued, over everything and you will break down… probably… very most likely… probably. And that’s why you are the worst car of the week. Renault Megane, je ne t’oublierai jamais!

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