Daimler To Kill off The Nissan Mercedes X Class Due To Poor Sales

Nissan Mercedes X Class

We like to think we have influence within the automotive world. The reality is this influence fantasy we assume we have is indeed just a fantasy. But our dreams have come true after Daimler Benz, the parent company of Mercedes, announced it is ending the production of the Nissan Mercedes X Class. Rejoice, hallelujah, praise be the lord we here at DCB couldn’t be any happier at this news.

Daimler Benz claims that it is seeking to reduce costs as profit warnings sweep in from all directions. But the truth is Mercedes couldn’t fool enough people to buy what is a rebadged Nissan X Class.

Sadly Mercedes did manage to convince 16,700 fools and we do pity the fools in Europe, Australia and South Africa who accounted for the 17k units sold. That is a magnificently poor sales record, which is great.

Now Mercedes is putting a brave face on it by citing cost cutting measures as the main reason. However, it will look bad if Mercedes admitted they didn’t sell enough vehicles.

It looks bad to the markets, investors and future investors because such news could cause Mercedes shares to devalue by a small percentage. This could equate to a few hundred-millions being wiped off the share value.

But Mercedes have only themselves to blame. They decided to make this crazy-ass venture happen and anyone with a bit of common sense could have told them it was flawed from the start.

But the Nissan Mercedes X Class was quick easy access into the premium pickup truck market. But the Nissan Mercedes X Class wasn’t premium apart from the Mercedes badging which gave a perception of premium.

During its short lifespan, the Nissan Mercedes X Class was also hit with several recalls. Mercedes also spent a lot of money apologizing for its emissions fudging. And it became a bit too much so Daimler axed the X Class.

I hope the Daily Car Blog played its part in the demise of the Nissan Mercedes X Class… but it’s just a pipe dream. We have no influence to give. Just a lot of bitterness… we do the bitterness really well.

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