Daily Car Blog Secures Continued Sponsorship Deal With Carcela.com

Carcela.com sponsors dailycarblog.com

Daily Car Blog, the fastest-growing carblog in the world, is pleased to announce a new 12-month sponsorship deal with Carcela.com used cars. Carcela.com is a fully digital used car sales platform enabling the buyer to avoid the hassle of dodgy dealerships, poorly attired sellers and paperwork, often associated with the used car trade.

Carcela.com is, in many ways, an assistant, taking care of the whole car buying process. Buying a car on Carcela.com is as easy as buying digital downloads on Amazon. This truly innovative platform responds to the demands of the modern 21st-century buyer.

Such buyers are digitally savvy and connected. Carcela.com is a trendsetter in a fast-moving, ever-changing the industry. The partnership with Daily Car Blog embraces shared common values and outlook.

The CEO of Carcela.com, Dagmawi Belay, was enthused as he spoke of the new sponsorship deal:

“Daily Car Blog have always been progressive in their understanding of the automotive landscape and have built a reputation of being unapologetically honest and opinionated about those of us in the industry. It’s an honor for us to work together with them as we continue to spearhead the future of how people buy cars in the UK‘’

The CEO of Daily Car Blog, Jay Khan, was equally enthused:

I have known Dagmawi since the formation of Carcela.com. This sponsorship deal is a sign of confidence and growth potential. Dagmawi is a respected CEO, a rags to riches tale, highly articulate and a very savvy entrepreneur. We, as an organisation, look forward to working with Dagmawi and Carcela.com for the foreseeable future.”

You can contact the CEO of Daily Car Blog using the following email.


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