Shmee150 Takes A First (unbiased) Look At The BMW M8 Competition

What do you get with a Shmee150 BMW M8 Competition review? Guaranteed views, BMW marketing people like, want and need views. You also get Shmee150’s credibility and authority… and a winning smile. That’s why we prefer Shmee150 to do the BMW smooching because if it was up to us we would most likely negatively critique the BMW to hell and back.

So today is unbiased day here at DCB HQ. And it’s also a slow news day. It’s no negative vibes day also. So we will refrain from our usual scornful, unapologetic no holes barred BMW barbs.

So take it away Shmee150 BMW M8 Competition reviewer… I am trying to think of something gallant on which to end this post… negative waves.

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