Honest John YouTube Channel Is An Acquired Taste

It’s a strange YouTube channel this one, Honest John. It was fronted by a creepy old guy in a pork pie paedo hat who made sci-fi horror movies look like comedies in comparison to the atomic bomb reviews he used to upload. But times change and change… changes and Honest John YouTube has moved… sideways.

But who are we, (a mere crappy carblog read by the dog, next door neighbors cat and Jeff Bezos) who are we to judge others? Even those who wear creepy pork pie paedo hats.

We don’t have a YouTube channel but they do (which is debatable on so many levels). And kudos to them and their younger leaner, tattooed presenter. Nizzle Kicks.

Nizzle Kicks has brang Honest John (which is debatable on so many levels) kicking and green-screening into the 21st century. Kudos… Kudos.

… why are we still doing this…? …why? … top quality car blog… “brang”…

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