ABT Has Turned The VW Amarok Into A Pickup Americans Would Be Proud To Own

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The ABT VW Amarok is a Pickup Truck that appeals to German USA loving sensibilities. The Germans have longed for the American way of life even though they fail to openly admit it. You may have seen those Germans who wear the Stetsons, Durango Gamblers and who live in log cabin homesteads. In the Centre of Munich. And in many ways this German tuned VW Amarok appeals to that German-American sensibility. ABT Sportsline has whacked up the power of the Amorak by installing their own control unit.

The control unit essentially instructs the engine management software to unleash an extra 47bhp and 50 Nm of power. The 0-62mph time of 7.9-seconds delivers a 0.2 seconds improvement. Top speed is rated at 131mph. That extra power is still focused through an 8-speed DSG transmission and AWD drive.

The Exterior and interior is unchanged from the stock version. But here’s why the ABT VW Amarok will not work in America. It’s the 3.0-litre V6 Turbo Diesel. Americans hate diesel, to begin with. Secondly, This Amarok isn’t a pickup, for Pickup America, the Amarok is a more lie a compact hatch.

And Americans have proper pickups from Ford and Chevrolet so the VW Amarok will always appeal to the Stetson-wearing, stars n; strip waving German. With perfectly white teeth. 

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