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Cette Funky Citroen 19 19 Concept A l’air Cool, Est-ce L’avenir?

Citroen 19 19 Concept

The future expressed through a concept is never the future it is merely an expression of what is. So what is the Citroen 19 19 Concept? It is a funky looking concept for sure but what is… the purpose of such a vehicle. Citroen says the 19 19 Concept is an “unconventional expression” of the future. The purpose of this concept is, as with every other concept, to generate publicity. But this publicity has a purpose. The prime purpose is to celebrate over 100 years of Citroen.

The Citroen 19 19 Concept is a fully electric concept car, of course. It has a conceptual range of 495 miles (800km) and a magic carpet ride. The so called magic carpet ride sounds fairly innovative.

The 19 19 Concept has a transparent capsule/cabin that is suspended with progressive Hydraulic cushion suspension and smart active control. It also features autonomous driving technologies and a proactive ‘Personal Assistant’ that interacts seamlessly with everyone on-board. Think Siri, and to a lesser extent… Bixbi.

Citroen 19 19 Concept doors

The 19_19 Concept reduces the carbon footprint of travel, reduces noise and vibration. Citroen wants to prove that 100% electric drivetrains are suited to long journeys with a range of up to 497 miles (800km).

Citroen 19 19 Concept seating

The concept car charges via induction technology where the infrastructure is in place, either when the car is moving or when it is stationary. The 19_19 Concept is Citroën’s take on tomorrow’s car travel.

The cabin features a borderless glazed area under the dashboard that can be transformed into a film projection screen. The 19 19 Concept can drive autonomously without any supervision from the driver.

Citroen 19 19 Concept front

However, the steering wheel remains so that the driver can take back control of the vehicle where necessary. Indeed the 19 19 Concept is packed full of technology utilised today. It just looks funky.

The Citroen 19 19 Concept will be revealed in a World Premiere at VivaTech in Paris on 16 May 2019.


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