He’s Bought A Suzuki Jimny, Shmee150 Has Bought A God Damn Jimny! Why? WHY!!

He is a supercar YouTuber, owns of a fleet of supercars. He has driven Aston Martin’s, Bugattis, Ferraris. He has owned the odd Ferrari. He owns a McLaren Senna and now he adds the Suzuki Jimny to his collection. Has he gone mad or is he sane? Is he the Scarlett Pimpernel? No, for he is Shmee150.

So he has bought a Suzuki Jimny. Apparently, only 600 units were sold in the UK in its first year of release. So much so that used examples now command a premium. Meaning they are more expensive now than they were at retail.

So the Jimny… why the Suzuki Jimny? Shmee150 refers to supercars as being “a bit silly”. And yes he has got a point. Sometimes you just want to drive a comfy car, with comfy heated seats. It isn’t always about power.


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