Jacques Villeneuve To Mick Schumacher, Do or Do Not, There Is No Try… With Ferrari

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Former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve has warned Ferrari academy driver, Mick Schumacher, to watch his back at the Scuderia. Schumacher is no ordinary 20-year-old. He is the son of 7 time Formula 1 drivers champion, Michael Schumacher. Mick’s ascension into the ranks of the Ferrari driver academy is partly based on his Formula 3 performances and part based on his name. It is true the Schumacher surname opens doors, but Ferrari has the key to unlock or lock careers.

Schumacher Jr followed in his father’s footsteps when he tested for Ferrari after the Bahrain Grand Prix. The tyre test was both a marketing and… well it was a marketing exercise for Ferrari. The Schumacher surname sells and is highly emotive these days.

To see the Schumacher name return in the form of the prodigal son, albeit in a tyre test was as much for German media and public consumption as it was a way for Ferrari to market their brand.

But Jacques Villeneuve is having none of it. He can see through it all. Being the son a venerated driver Villeneuve believes in only one view. Mick Schumacher has to perform at the highest level, if he doesn’t Ferrari will simply say “Mick? never heard of him”

Speaking ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix Villeneuve said: “If he is not quick and he makes mistakes, he will be criticised hard. He has to manage it or go home, there is no middle road.”

Schumacher is currently competing in Formula 2. He is placed in 9th position thus far and has scored points in three out of four races.

“Right now they [Ferrari] are using his image but if he is not super fast, they will burn him,” Said Villeneuve.

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