F1 2019 Game Looks Real(ly) Good, But The Character Models Still Look Zombified

OK, so the release of F1 2019, the video game/sim, is just around the corner we take a look at what the game will offer. Well actually we don’t do so ourselves, our buddies over at the YouTube do so, we don’t have to. Game reviewers have given the thumbs up to early sample review code and mostly all of them are whooping at the improved graphics.

But before you get too excited you should factor in the platform and hardware. Yes, this review demonstrates an improvement, specifically in the lighting. But it may not look like this on say… the PS4 or XBox. This demo of F1 2019 is being run on a PC.

Anybody who works in the games industry will tell you that the desktop PC is still way, way more powerful than a either the PS4 and XBox. But to push this level of graphics on a PC you’re going to have spend over a £1k of your own money.

Our advice is to wait until for the PS5 which will be released in 2020. Console games will be pushing near photo-realistic levels of graphics by then.

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