The 2019 Audi Q8 vs The Unreliable As Hell Range Rover Sport

OK, so we here at DCB will never be able to afford either one of these luxury SUVs, because we are motoring journalists (pirates) and motoring journalists (pirates) are poorly paid (pirates). Poorly paid to deliver expert advice. Top quality journalism (pirates) from the Daily Car Blog.

Anyway, we do know our audience and we do know their purchasing power and buying behavior. The dog, next door neighbours cat and Jeff Bezos have money to burn. And they demand only the best.

The choice is between the design statement that is the Audi Q8 and the unreliable as hell Range Rover Sport. Both models start at around £65,000 Brexit pesos.

That means our daily audience the dog, next door neighbours and cat and Jeff Bezos have a tough decision to make. Personally, we would suggest the unreliable as hell Range Rover Sport.

Then we would drive Range Rover off a cliff jumping out at the last minute in a bid to discover if its total destruction actually makes it more reliable.

Top quality (award winning) journalism (pirates) form the Daily Car Blog.


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