Was The Latest Tesla Model S Bursting Into Flames An Elaborate Conspiracy Theory?

Was it a conspiracy theory, or not? OK, so a Tesla Model S was caught on camera spontaneously bursting into flames as it was parked up somewhere in downtown Shanghai. Footage shows white smoke cascading from the underside before the whole thing went up in flames. No one was harmed, Tesla is investigating. Share prices fall, they will inevitably rise.

Now earlier in the day we reported on new upgrades for the Tesla Model S and Model X. Which is fine, that’s what companies do. They make products and over time update them, before killing them off.

It’s called planned obsolescence, or product culling, or survival of the fittest. It means future products are going to end up being better etc.

But why are we referring to the Tesla update news and linking it with the Shanghai Tesla fire incident? The update news was a distraction. A PR bait and switch.

And news outlets, let’s say loyal news outlets, around the world reported on it. As did we. Before we realised the update news was a bait and switch.

Switch attention from Shanghai and remind people just what movers and shakers, modern thinkers, winning! type people Tesla is.

That’s our theory, our Tesla ‘bait-n-switch’ conspiracy theory.

How can people just go around making up conspiracy theories? you have to be demented to live in such a way to exist for nothing.


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