The Resurrection of Robert Kubica A Mistake or ‘A What If’?

Robert Kubica resurrection

He was the rising star of his generation in F1. The first Polish driver to compete in F1, Kubica’s star was on the rise since he entered the sport in 2006. So much so that he was signed to drive for Ferrari in 2012. But it never happened. It was 2011 and Kubica was competing in a rally event prior F1 winter testing, he crashed heavily. As a result, his right arm was nearly severed off, it bought an end to his F1 career.

As we know Kubica was given a second chance courtesy of Williams F1. But did Kubica make the right decision to return? F1 is a demanding sport, but surely 8 years is enough time for his wounds to heal? Clearly, Robert Kubica still has limited functionality of his right arm.

But it may not be the injury that is cause for concern. Drivers who have spent years away from the sport usually struggle to adapt to a newer generation of cars. Michael Schumacher is one example.

Even Kubica admitted the chance of a return to F1 was “nearly impossible”. But he is back and he is struggling to find the form that made his name before his 2011 rally crash.

Of course, his return to the sport after an enforced absence was met with much sentimentality from the motorsport media. Determination, adversity, a remarkable comeback.

Robert Kubica Williams F1

But we’re not into the whole clickbait sentimental superficiality. He should have stayed away and never come back. In reality, F1 is a brutal sport not fond of sentimentality, Robert Kubica knows he has to perform.

And he has been struggling to adapt to the new generation of cars. Yet that wasn’t evident during pre-season testing. However, from the first race on Kubica has been out-qualified by his rookie teammate, George Russell.

Kubica’s only reference is against his teammate. The Williams is the worst performing car of 2019 despite having Mercedes engine power. To compound matters, Russell lapped Kubica at the Chinese Grand Prix.

In the three races contended thus far, Kubica has been hands down beaten by Russell. Can the Pole turn it around? No one can say, but Williams will give him a chance to resurrect his F1 soul… for now.

After all, the team has nothing to lose, the once mighty Williams Grand Prix looks like a dead man walking, searching for answers when they should be asking questions.

But even in its current state, Williams F1 will call quits sooner rather than later if Kubica doesn’t improve, it’s the Williams way. In the past, Williams changed their drivers like a serial killer selecting victims.

Kubica should have stayed away, at least he would have kept his reputation alive for others to consider the “what if”.


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