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Carlex Design Re-Trim The Nissan Mercedes X Class But At The End of The Day It’s Still A Goddamn Nissan!

Nissan Mercedes X Class Carlex Design Dailycarblog.com

We so dislike the Nissan Mercedes X Class we can not look at it without smashing the furniture and throwing staple guns at one another. Whoever buys into the whole Nissan Mercedes X Class con is a delusional thinker. Probably someone who buys into this PR & marketing driven war crime. But there are companies out there who are trying their best to make you forget about the massive mistake that is the Nissan Mercedes X Class.

Carlex Design specialises in creating bespoke automotive interior design, they also create interiors for the marine industry. And they also create bespoke exterior body kits… for cars. They are quality at what they do.

Nissan Mercedes X Class Carlex Design c Dailycarblog.com

And Carlex Design has focused its attention on the Nissan Mercedes X Class and it looks superb, the two-tone interior, a mix of Alcantara and leather looks really classy. Superb craftsmanship on display.

But it still isn’t enough to convince us into buying a Nissan Mercedes X Class. Why? Because have cash flow issues. But if we didn’t, we wouldn’t. No way… not ever… never, never.

Nissan Mercedes X Class Carlex Design c Dailycarblog.com

You know how Mercedes mount the electric seat buttons on the door panel? take a look at where the electric seat functions are on this bag of shit X Class. It’s stock Nissan, and it makes us want to puke all over the interior of this conjures trick.

The heated seat button looks like it belongs in the 1960’s, in a nuclear power station. This X Class isn’t a Mercedes and never will be, it’s badge engineering, fools gold for those willing to be fooled.

As a classical scholar once said, “I pity the fool”.


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