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Carlos Ghosn Reveals All In Video Message, Accuses Rival Factions of Playing A “very dirty game”

Carlos Ghosn video response

It is difficult to understand why Carlos Ghosn released a video addressing issues surrounding his impending legal case. The former Nissan Renault CEO was scheduled to hold a press conference about his arrest and detention in Japan. However, before he could do so he was charged and arrested for a second time for yet more claims of corporate corruption. So he released a video from prison. Whatever the motivation the deposed CEO of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance should have been persuaded against releasing the video. In such circumstances, he may be prejudicing his own case.

Ghosn claims to “love Japan” but he should know the Japanese culture values respect. However, he accused the Japanese legal system of being unfair and against him. This could be seen as lacking respect for the culture he claims to know very well. Whether such a statement will affect his trial is difficult to say.

Without directly naming individuals, Ghosn also accused Nissan executives of “fear” and lacking a vision for the future. He also accused Nissan executives of colluding in a conspiracy to depose him and of backstabbing.

Ghosn has been concerned with the performance of Nissan since he handed full responsibility to Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa in 2017. Saikawa was seen by Ghosn as an ally and possible successor.

“This is a conspiracy,” he said. “This is not about specific events, or greed or dictatorship. This is about a plot. This is about conspiracy. This is about backstabbing.”

Ghosn also said Nissan was fearful of a full convergence of the alliance. Convergence that would threaten the independence of Nissan. However, Ghosn said such claims of Nissan losing independence were misplaced.

Ghosn failed to address the accusations against him concerning financial misappropriation of corporate funds for his personal benefit. Doing so could have trodden on the edge of legality.

Ghosn also mentioned he was concerned about not receiving a fair trial. Talking about his legal case before it has gone to trial may well be counter-productive in that he may not get a fair trial.

However, Carlos Ghosn did not talk about the specifics of the charges brought against him. Ghosn focused most of his attention accusing his former colleagues of plotting to remove him by making nefarious claims.


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