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This Is The Massive Mercedes GLS, Its Mission Is To Assinate The BMW X7

2020 mercedes GLS exterior

The war between Mercedes and premium luxury rubbish BMW is hotting up, or rather getting supersized. Mercedes doesn’t want the premium luxury rubbish BMW X7 to the massive SUV sector for BMW to keep forever. So they went to the expense of creating a rival. It’s the Mercedes GLS, and its heading for a 2020 release.

Despite using ‘design tricks’ I think designers refer to it as the Trompe-l’œil principle, which means optical illusion. The simple fact is a massive SUV will inherently be… rather massive.

The current generation Mercedes GLS retails from £73,000 Brexit pesos, so expect the next generation to be available from around £80k.

2020 mercedes GLS

The new GLS resides on the new Mercedes GLE platform, extended to make it longer to accommodate third-row seats and more boot space. In other words seven seats. But you can get third-row seats in the GLE, however, buyers want bigger and more-more space.

These leaked images show an interior adopting Mercedes’ current GLE design language. As this is a leak we don’t know too much about specs or model derivatives.

But it is easy to speculate that the 2020 Mercedes GLS will come with a range of V6 diesel, V8 petrol engines and a plug-in hybrid.

And of course, it will also adopt the latest 48V electric system with an integrated starter motor. The system powers the air-conditioner, in-car electronics and the electronically driven turbocharger.

The Mercedes GLS has always been big, the next generation 2020 GLS will be bigger-bigger more luxury-luxury and more costly-costly.


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