How Porsche Makes A Porsche 911

One question we don’t often get asked is how does Porsche make the new 911. We often don’t get asked any questions at all, because only the dog, next door neighbours cat and Amazon make up our daily users. So that got us thinking… how is a modern day Porsche 911 made?

The 2019 spec 911 is made with a combination of manual labour and modern-day robotics. It’s an ordered system that is process driven. But of course it is.

The Porsche 911 has been in continuous production since 1963. It’s an example of automotive evolution done right.

The 8th generation 911 vis-a-vie 992 is available for sale right now. One thing we noticed is that most people at Porsche have very little to say.

Anyhow, In the UK first deliveries be be made available in March.


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