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After Red Bull Shits on Ricciardo, Ricciardo Shits Back on Red Bull

Ricciardo Red bull Shit Back

Turns out Red Bull team principle, Christian Horner, wasn’t so happy to lose Daniel Ricciardo to Renault for the 2019 F1 season. During pre-season testing, Horner publically expressed a view that Ricciardo was too scared to fight it out with Max Verstappen.

The premise being that Verstappen is the faster driver and Ricciardo didn’t want to be humiliated by his younger team mate.

But it turns out it’s not as complex a situation as Christian Horner has been trying to engineer.

Ricciardo had retained a dignified silence until now. The Australian was simply concerned that Red Bull would favour Max Verstappen in a possible title fight.

Ricciardo fights Verstappen Baku 2018
This is how a fight with Verstappen usually ends. Baku 2018.

That’s why he opted to leave Red Bull for Renault. In a recent interview Ricciardo responded to claims he was “running from a fight”:

“They want to make him (Verstappen) the youngest World Champion in history.”

I have nothing against Max. We always got along well and that was even the case after the incident in Baku.”

“I never thought that I couldn’t work with him or that the team would give him a better car.”

“But I think that in the event of a fight for the title, the team would be on Max’s side.”

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