Don’t Buy A Used BMW 7 Series Because It Is An Endless Money Pit

At DCB we often think Scotty Kilmer is a Quantum Methodist Survivalist. However, if you take a look at the state of his back-yard you would think he is suffering from major depression or a plague of rats. Clean your garden you bum!

Nevertheless, Scotty Kilmer is a surprisingly popular YouTuber. He doesn’t fit the “James Charles profile”. With Kilmer, it’s a case of whatyouseeiswhatyouget.

Anyway, Kilmer discusses the perils of buying a used luxury sedan. And yep at the top of the list is the premium luxury rubbish BMW 7 Series.

As a former used premium luxury rubbish BMW 7 Series owner I can attest to the rear suspension failing. You can’t feel it but you hear it. A high pitched chime is revealed when metal begins to rub on metal. At a certain speed.

And trying saying shingle-sound really fast… mind numbing.


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