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F1 Launch Season Begins, New Look, New Rules, Same Old Same Old?

F1 2019 launch season, Torro Rosso side view,

OK, so the 2019 F1 launch “season” is upon us. Three teams have revealed the look of their 2019 challengers. It’s a time to announce new sponsorships and a chance to introduce new driver pairings. The cars you see at launch will not be the same cars that show up to the first race of the season. But it is a chance to see a raft of new regulations. Regulations that are designed to improve racing. So far, Hass, Torro Rosso, and Williams have revealed their 2019 challengers.

Engine regulations remain locked, V6 turbo-hybrid. The main changes pertain to the aerodynamics.

Revised Rear Wing
F1 2019 launch season, Hass,
Hass F1 2019 challenger

The rear wing is now wider, higher and has fewer elements. The simpler design will allow for trailing cars to follow closely without disrupting the air as much. The DRS opening has also increased.

Revised Barge Boards

Again the barge boards are smaller to reduce aerodynamic disruption.

Revised Front Wing
F1 2019 launch season, Williams,
Williams F1 2019 challenger

The 2019 spec front wing is now simplified with less aerodynamic components. Again this is to reduce aerodynamic disruption. It is also higher and wider. The revised design will make it possible to follow cars without losing front-end downforce.

Revised Brake Ducts
F1 2019 launch season, Torro Rosso,
Torro Rosso F1 2019 challenger

The brake ducts are now smaller and simplified. Again the emphasis is to reduce aerodynamic disruption.

The Season Ahead

In addition to these revisions, the 2019 season will also see the introduction of rear-wing endplate lights. 2019 spec helmets must conform to new crash standards. Meaning, they will be the strongest ever helmets used in motor racing.

The fuel allowance has been increased from 105kg to 110kg, which means no more fuel saving runs during the race.

Biometric gloves will be mandatory. These gloves have built-in sensors woven into the fabric that monitor a drivers pulse and blood level oxygen.

The alpha-male teams will reveal their 2019 spec cars later this week.

Only two pre-season tests are scheduled. First testing begins on February 18 to 21. The second is from February 26 to March 1. The test venue for both is Barcelona.

Then the teams will head to Australia where the first race is scheduled for March 17.


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