Dapper Dan Ricciardo Suits Up In Renault Colours

Dapper Dan Ricciardo new Reanult F1 colours, dailycarblog.com

Not very much happens during the so-called F1 winter season. The period between November and February is when F1 pundits have very little to write about other than saying this driver is the greatest of all time. This line of thought is often countered with… it’s very hard to judge because that driver was competing in a different era. But Dapper Dan Ricciardo has been busy.

February marks the beginning of the F1 launch period. Hass will be the first to show their 2019 campaign colors. But Dapper Dan Ricciardo is the first to show his colors… his new Renault F1 race suit.

Dapper Dan Ricciardo decided to leave Red Bull after spending 4 years at Red Bull Racing.

Riccardo has been in the Red Bull family since he joined F1 B-Squad, Torro Rosso.

But the Australian wants to spread his wings. And presumably wants to retain a validated and race wining works engine with Renault.

Dapper Dan Ricciardo suits up in Renault colours, dailycarblog.com
Dapper Dan Ricciardo, 2019 pose

We’re pretty sure Ricciardo decided to leave Red Bull in the belief that Honda will still fallshort in provind a competitive engine.

Although Honda showed signs of promise in 2018 they have yet to show signs of life that will allow them to compete against Mercedes and Ferrari.

Dapper Dan Ricciardo must believe his best chance for wins is to stick with Renault. That’s why he vacated Red Bull f1.

But Red Bull have Adrian Newey, a known quantity and genisu F1 designer.

If Honda falls short, a Newey designed car will make up the rest. And Mad Max Verstappen is just an added bonus.

Renault F1 have race wining pedigree, they last won a championship in 2006 with Fernando Alonso.

And before they were known as Benetton. But can they proice both the car and engine to propel Ricciardo to a new level.

That is the unaswered question. Until testing begins, until the first race of the season.


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