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Nissan Saying No To Building The X-Trail In Sunderland Is A Massive LOL!

Brexit Jeremiah Clarkson on the Nissan shit storm,

Hello, it’s me again, Jeremiah Clarkson, long lost feuding relative of Jeremy Clarkson. Brexit is my brief today. However, many of you may be asking where have I been? Some believe, rather incorrectly, that I was shipwrecked on a tropical Island. But I have neither the means, motive nor the income to afford to buy a ship. Besides, I can’t swim so if I were to become shipwrecked I would probably drown before I reached my second stoke.

But the upshot is that I’m back! But enough of Brexit for now. What have I been up to?

When my contract with DCB was up I decided to freelance. I knocked on the doors of the Daily Mail but I wasn’t Nazi enough. Then I knocked on the doors of the Telegraph but wasn’t Nazi enough nor stiff upper lip enough.

Then I knocked on the doors of The Times and discovered I wasn’t racist enough. So I eventually wound up working as a freelance compliance officer to The Grand Tour. Because I was white enough.

But I got sacked because I could not entertain and eventually objected to the casual racism, sexism, and the casual Chelsea football supporters mentality.

So I ended up back here on this webshite. And now it’s all gone Brexit. What is Brexit? It’s about Britain leaving the EU because a bunch of white racists hated being taken over by EU migrants who looked like them.

But we really shouldn’t be in this position.

Brexit was a result of the right-wing faction of the Conservative Party (the moderates!?) and the far right faction of the same party (the moderates!) wanting to slug it out over the EU. We the citizens of the UK were drawn into this toxic fight under the guise of a referendum.

The people would then vote and decide whether they wanted to stay in or leave the European Union. It was a close vote shrouded in lies and the politics of fear. The UK decided to leave.

In actuality the voters were really deciding if the Conservative Party was to remain… unified. But the party has always been split down the middle and unified at the same time. Like Yin & Yang superglued together.

I did not vote because I did not want my vote too, in effect, settle old scores within the UK Conservative Party. And that’s what the referendum was really all about.

We the people, or those who voted for and against Brexit were no more than a political tool. A plaything for the haw-haws and the hee-hees to talk about in their private member’s clubs and societies in Mayfair.

For those who voted out, it was about immigration. And warm beer. For the Conservatives, for then Prime Minister David Cameron, it was about defeating the Euro-skeptics within his party. A vote to remain would wipe them out, once and for all.

Why, thought I, should I participate in helping David Cameron to victory?

Anyway, the idiots who voted Brexit couldn’t see the truth from the lies and they were all Pied Piper-ed into voting leave.

The Brexit folks were too blinded by racism, xenophobia, bigotry, seperatition, provincialism to see they were voting against their own economic interests.

They, the Brexit people, believe they can form a new trading block to rival if not replace what the EU currently offers.

Once immigration is under control (it already is) they want to form new trade alliances across the world so they can buy wonky bananas from Congo-Congo land.

Yes, the Brexit people want to go to former colonies to form trade alliances, Africa is one target. You can hear what the Brexit voters really think about African countries.

Just go to any Premier League football match you will hear what Brexit people say about Africans.

And what do you think former colonies are going to do when a former colonial master (who left a brutalised legacy) goes begging to them for a trade deal.

It’s going to be an uneasy situation, to say the least.

Nissan’s confidence isn’t to great either and it recently announced it will not invest in building the new X Trail in Sunderland. The company cites Brexit uncertainty for the decision.

My professional opinion is… LOL!

Cue the lack of more investment, cue the job loses. Cue the self imposed deprivation. And you know what Sunderland? Any fool could have seen this coming. But you voted to leave and that’s exactly what Nissan is doing.


Well not entirely… not yet… for the time being it will continue to manufacture. Just not the new X Trail. But over time it could end up being nothing at all.

The businesses that wanted Brexit to happen are those who are looking to replace cheap EU workers with even cheaper workers from further far-flung foreign lands.

So Brexit will get rid of expensive EU immigration and will eventually replace it with yet more immigration. Cheaper, non-white immigration because we British are lazy and spend all day in the pub drinking warm beer and chiding immigrants, who have no power. Yet it is these immigrants who keep the economy above water.

Ahhh, the good old days.

Here’s my prediction, Brexit will not happen. Leaving one of the biggest trading zones in the world upon which the UK economy has prospered is too stupid a situation for the permanent state to allow.

So Brexit, Cameron, May… it was all orcestrated by good-for-nothings, for nothing at all.


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