Ayrton Senna, How To Push An F1 Car To The Limit

Ayrton Senna on how to psuh an F1 car to the limit, dailycarblog.com

Ayrton Senna, 1990, at the Belgium Grand Prix. The late British F1 writer and reporter, Alan Henry, sat down with Ayrton Senna to discuss F1. As a youngster, my recollection of Ayrton Senna was watching him give an interview to the BBC.

Always the conversation was about the race or some kind of injustice around F1 politics. Rarely did I hear Senna hear talk about the technical side of driving.

In this recently released taped conversation Ayrton Senna talks about driving at the Belgium Grand. Specifically Eau Rouge.

If you don’t know, Eau Rouge is one of the most formidable corners in F1.

And if you don’t know what a “taped” consverstation is. Well, the tape is ancient analoge technology to record one’s conversation.

However, it is fascinating to hear Senna talk about the techique of driving a formula one car.

If you want to understand Senna the driver and why he was the best of his era, then listen to this tape.

From what I can gather, Senna was an instinctive driver who took controlled risks and pushed to the limit and slightly beyond.


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