VW Polo Trendline Is A Great Family Car?

Nedahl Stelio of CarsGuide really likes the VW Polo. The Polo is a breadwinner for VW and it needs to tick all the boxes for potential buyers. The Polo is a supermini which has increased in size over the years. So it’s no longer small.

The latter is due to the evolution of new technology and increased safety regulations. So the 2018 VW Polo is larger than it has ever been.

Nedhal reckons the Polo is better suited to town driving. A good second car. We always say go for the top spec, VW entry-level cars feature low rent fabrics.

Anyway Australian motoring journalists repeat the same talking points as UK motoring journalists. After all, the Polo, it’s just a car isn’t it?

I am really struggling to think of things to say, Nedahl covers everything in her video review. Personally, I always go for bigger cars, the Polo is a no for me.

But maybe a yes for you.

I am sitting on the fence here, I don’t actually know what I am talking about.



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