Millionaire YouTuber Adds New McLaren Senna To Growing Collection

Every time we watch Shmee150 we kick ourselves for not setting up a YouTube channel. We had the opportunity to do so but none of us have the looks nor do we have a perfect set of teeth to outscore Shmee150’s set of gnashers. The supercar junky has earned enough money from his YouTube channel to slap down a deposit on a McLaren Senna.

The McLaren Senna is road legal track car. Named after the legendary Grand Prix driver, Ayrton Senna. The limited edition supercar costs £750,000 GBP, that’s $1m USD.

Despite having a net worth of £6m, Shmee150 has not bought the car outright. More than likely he has slapped down a deposit on a PCP deal.

We don’t know how much that costs per month, we estimate at least £7,000. But the McLaren Senna will accumulate in value, so it’s an investment as much as an experience.

When such a car is linked to a famed Grand Prix driver it only serves to add value to the luster. If Shmee150 sells his McLaren Senna one year from now he is sure to make a healthy profit.

Mr perfect teeth really does know what he is doing folks.

But for now, the V8 powered 789bhp twin turbo engine powering the McLaren Senna will propel Shmee150 from 0-62mph in 2.5 seconds.

If he dares, Shmee150 can reach a top speed of 220mph.

But for now, we will count the millions we have potentially lost by not having a YouTube channel.



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