Scotty Kilmer Still Being Held Captive in Latest Hostage Video Plea

Video production values are a complete mystery to Scotty Kilmer, one of YouTube’s most popular car channels. Take this 1-on-1 video. Scotty’s camera skills make the entire video look as though he is appearing in a hostage video. 

At least he does 1080p 60fps. However, the bitrate is so low the video looks as though it was shot on a VHS video camera in 1989.

What is a VHS?

But it doesn’t matter. None of it does because Scotty is a wealth of information to his 1.7m followers. And that’s what matters.

Who else would say a power steering fluid leak is kind-of OK.

In this video Scotty’s talking point is about tyres (tires) for all of 1m30s. The rest of the 5-minute video is Scotty rambling on about this and that. This man can talk at length.



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