Salomondrin Buys A McLaren Senna, Two Weeks Later It’s Dead

YouTuber Salomondrin is a multi-faceted businessman with his fingers in many business pies. Mexican born, he moved the United States aged 19.  It appears he is living the American Dream. The America Dream is a set of ideals that includes the opportunity for success and prosperity. 

That maxim may have been true in the first half of the 20th Century. However, in the early 21st Century the American Dream is turning sour. Today the USA is largely owned by a small group of oligarchs who are buying politicians.

But you can still become a Salomondrin if you work hard and hustle even harder. Anyway, the YouTuber bought a Mcl=Laren Senna and within two weeks of ownership, it burns to the ground.

Did Salomondrin drive the McLaren Senna too hard and too fast. Not likely. He was still breaking it in. So did the McLaren Senna burn due to a technical/mechanical issue? The latter is highly likely.



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