The CLA Coupe Is Finally Stylish Enough To Consider Owning

Mercedes CLA Coupe, 2019, front view,

Finally a Mercedes we actually like. The all-new mini-me CLS clone, the CLA Coupe. It’s got the style of the CLS condensed into compact dimensions. And crucially it will be affordable for everyone who can’t afford to buy a proper Mercedes. We can’t afford to buy a proper Mercedes, so this is on our shopping list for sure. As with any new generation car, the 2019 spec CLA Coupe is slightly wider and longer than the predecessor it replaces.

Look upon the CLA Coupe as a Mercedes A-Class with a boot. On the inside of the CLA Coupe, you will find the current gen A-Class interior. Indeed think of it as a repurposed A-Class.

Mercedes CLA Coupe, 2019, rear view

So expect that dual display, fully digital instrument binnacle and infotainment system. And also expect the latest in active and passive driver assists.

And yes semi-autonomous driving tech that debuted in the S Class has filtered down into the CLA Coupe.

The CLA Coupe introduces a de-coupled multi-link rear suspension. This setup allows for reduced vibration and noise.

Mercedes CLA Coupe, 2019, interior,

In addition, a de-coupled multilink suspension setup also allows for optimisation and configuration of interior space for vehicle components such as the batteries, fuel, and exhaust.

In other words, Mercedes ware preparing to introduce a Hybrid CLA Coupe.

Mercedes claims the CLA Coupe will offer the best handling in its class. A beefier stabiliser will reduce roll.

But you will have to pay extra for that best-in-class handling because Adaptive Dampers are an optional extra.

Mercedes CLA Coupe, 2019, rear view

The aerodynamics are also improved. But car companies always use the “drag coefficient” terminology for marketing purposes. The minor improvement makes little difference.

European customers will be the first to get their hands on the CLA Coupe when it hits retail in May. America will have to wait until October 2019.

Pricing and spec have yet to be revealed. It’s rather simple to deduce that the second gen CLA Coupe will cost not much more than the current generation.



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