Jay Leno Gets Behind The Wheel of The Mercedes EQC 400

We’re doing a Mercedes theme today. But don’t worry we’re not media sycophants being paid by Mercedes UK to publicise everything Mercedes. And neither is Jay Leno. He is an American, a former stand-up comedian, and talk show host. And multi-millionaire.

Jay Leno quit the TV industry a few years ago and now makes a living running a successful automotive YouTube channel. He is and always will be a car nut.

This time Jay Leno gets behind the wheel of the pure electric Mercedes EQC 400. It’s a prototype but near-as-damn-it production ready as you can get.

Interestingly the test engineer stumbled on giving an accurate electric-drive range. When an engineer says around 200 miles you can be sure the EQC has a lower range.

Mercedes engineers are the best around. Data crunching is in their DNA so they will know the exact pure electric range of the EQC under a range of driving scenarios.

Anyway, Jay Leno has the star power and his YouTube channel provides him exclusive access that we will never have.



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