Jason Fenske Takes Delivery of A New Tesla Model 3 Complete With Quality Issues

Jason Fenske, AKA Engineering Explained YouTube man, took delivery of a new Tesla Model 3 over Christmas. Entry level prices in the US of A start at $35k. Tesla has known quality control issues, it’s to be expected of a company where demand outstrips supply. 

Quality control issues are not just a Tesla problem. But notably, it is a consistent problem for Tesla. When Fenske took delivery of the Model 3 he noticed condition issues.

On closer inspection, he found numerous paint scratches, defects, and inconsistent panel gap issues. He even found a fleck of dust on the $3500 special paint option.

Quite frankly it’s unacceptable to have these issues on a brand new car. Jason Fenske goes through a forensic analysis of the quality issues armed with nothing more than a plastic measurement caliper.

However, Jason Fenske is fair-minded enough to reveal that Tesla will resolve the issues. Despite these quality issues, demand for Tesla products is growing as fast as Tesla can make cars.

It seems people, early adopters, are willing to put up with the quality control issue pain to get there hands on the latest tech.



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