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Testing Times ahead For The Electric Mini Hatch

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In a desperate attempt to stay relevant and drive more sales Mini will be introducing a fully electric version of the Mini Hatch. According to industry rumors, Mini will focus on performance to sway potentially interested customers and or “fence-sitters”. Mini will not be developing a specific EV powertrain for the existing UKL 1 Platform, upon which the Mini resides.

The UKL 1 Platform is a modular system developed by BMW. And yes, BMW shares it around like a giant spliff. So to speak.

In other words, BMW’s compact range of cars and mini-suvs also makes use of the UKL 1 Platform. It’s a cost-saving measure designed for efficient manufacturing.

All manufacturers utilise this production strategy. It’s a sure way to boost profitability on every car made.

Indeed, it is almost certain the Mini Hatch will borrow the same 181bhp electric powertrain utilised in the BMW i3.

The driving range is estimated to be in the region of 200 miles. In the real world that’s roughly a 120-mile range.

The electric Mini will be similar in power to the 189bhp Cooper S. However electric cars have instant torque on acceleration that internal combustion engines simply can not match.

However, the lithium-ion battery pack will give the electric Mini a weight penalty. We will know how fast one or the other is when the electric Mini launches later this year.

In this year Mini will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. Will the electric Mini be a fitting tribute to the Mini brand. Or is it a clever way to meet tougher emissions targets.

Making an electric car will offset corporate carbon emissions. Save the world? no not likely.

Profits come first. And the polar bears? they can go swim for it… which they already are doing.



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