Car Throttle Buys A Mazda RX-8 For £650

Internet juggernaut Car Throttle has just bought a 2004 Mazda RX-8 for a mere £650. Initially, the RX-8 looks in great condition. But a closer inspection reveals that this RX-8 has a few issues… a lot of issues… a lot of money issues.

The Mazda RX-8 is known for its rotary engine. Rotary engines are an early type of internal combustion engine and first appeared in 1889. On a bicycle.

They progressed from bicycles to being mostly used in early aircraft and motorcycle design.

Back then the rotary engine was somewhat of a holy grail. It was described as a very efficient solution to the problems of power output, weight, and reliability.

So the typical advantages of a rotary engine are smooth running, the power to weight ratio, efficient air cooling.

Typical disadvantages are a loss of oil (due to centrifugal forces). The increases in power were only obtainable by increasing the size of the engine.

Crucially fuel was wasted due to complex engine controls. By the 1920s the rotary engine was rendered obsolete.

But Mazda developed their own Wankel rotary engine for the RX-8. And the RX-8 engine was notoriously unreliable.

Car Throttle has a mission. To make the rotary engine great again… by spending money.



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