The Sky At Night, BMW Uses Ethereal Meteoric Material For M850i Night Sky

BMW M850i Night Sky, by BMW Individual,

As our stature begins to decline (which we never had) and our credibility is slowly eaten away (we never had credibility) we now turn our attention to BMW. Now I am aware that we here on this cursed blog have many bad things to say about the BMW. And justifiably so, because everything we have ever said was based on statistics. And statistics never lie. But they can be manipulated

But as this is the new year we shall try to rebuild our crumbling reputation by doing good old fashioned boring as hell journalism. For one day only.

We didn’t know BMW had a bespoke division. Apparently, it’s called BMW Individual. Traditional bespoke craftsmanship sounds a little OTT for say, a BMW 3 Series.

BMW M850i Night Sky, by BMW Individual, interior, bespoke,

Anyway, it’s highly unlikely a potential 3 Series owner will want to spend the extra thousands BMW will surely charge for embossing your initials onto the headrests.

No… BMW Individual is aimed at those with deeper pockets. And they will have to have deep pockets for the BMW M850i Night Sky because it features an interior made from meteorites.

BMW M850i Night Sky, by BMW Individual, meteorite interior,

As you already know a meteorite originates from outer space. It is a solid solid piece of debris from an object, such as a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid. Essentially space rubbish.

Meteorites can range in size, they can be as small as a stone or as large as 2.7 meters. The overwhelming majority are small fragments that burn up in the earth’s atmosphere.

BMW M850i Night Sky, by BMW Individual, wing mirror,

Larger meteorites can survive burning up in earth’s atmosphere. These residual fragments then fall to earth.

For example, in 2018 there were 59000 documented meteorite finds. That’s a lot of space rubbish/material.

So BMW has put this extraterrestrial space rubbish to good use. The BMW Individual M850i Night Sky features meteorite surface trim detailing as a material accent.

BMW M850i Night Sky, by BMW Individual, aero-details,

So the center console, start/stop button, and gear selector grip are fashioned from a meteorite. It has also been used for exterior elements.

The most interesting aspect about this bespoke show-car-advertisement for BMW Individual is not the use of meteorites. It’s 3D printing.

BMW M850i Night Sky, by BMW Individual, side strake,

The brake calipers are 30-percent lighter because they have been forged in an industrial 3D printer. From metal.

And of course, the M850i being a show car, you can bet its full of extras and bespoke individualization craftsmanship. But for who? Who actually decided the spec for M850i Night Sky?

Methinks the BMW marketing division.

Nevertheless, we can truly say the BMW M850i Night Sky is rubbish. Because it is partly made from space rubbish.




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