Don’t Buy A Ford Or GM Diesel Vehicle If You Live In The USA

This video from the Young Turks looks into the “ticking time bomb” of certain Ford and GM diesel vehicles. The issue is related to a fuel injector pump. It turns out that the Bosch developed fuel injector pump is great at making a diesel engine more efficient. Many European car manufacturers use the component and there have been no problems.

The component caught the eye of Ford and General Motors and company bosses decided to use it for the US market.

It turns out the Bosch fuel injector pump cannot handle American diesel fuel. American diesel fuel doesn’t have any added lubricant. European diesel fuel does.

You can tell where this is going right?

So, in short, the Bosch fuel injector is incompatible with American diesel fuel. This causes metal shavings to go into the engine and lead to catastrophic engine failures.

And the failures are happening to popular pickup trucks. Of course, Ford and GM are blaming the consumer. A go-to comfort blanket statement to avoid litigation.

However, Ford and GM are facing a class action from seriously pissed-off consumers.



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