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BMW Just Killed The Z4 With Their Eyes Wide Shut

BMW z4, killed, Eys Wide Shut, dailycarblog.com

We are sure the accredited motoring press will rubber stamp, green-light and wave the flag for the all-new BMW Z4. And it is happening before it’s even been released. And we are sure Chris Harris will (when he gets his hands on one) start off by questioning the existence of the BMW Z4 before ending his video review with a pointless side-ways action shot. And then declare the Z4 a success.

Why? because the motoring press does not want to lose access to BMW’s press fleet. So heaping false praise onto a car is not only profitable for publications it ensures a continuous supply of long-termers. Admittedly, and to be fair, that is a rather simplistic and idiotic way to analyze the situation. But astonishingly it is going on.

It’s an example of being wantonly servile to a corporation that has become so arrogant it behaves like a mob boss in a $3,000 business suit. With the baseball bat hidden down the trousers. Just in case someone goes off-script.

It’s this very atmosphere that has created a sense of award-winning isolation at BMW. Or at least that’s how it appears from the real world.

This is a company that has become used to being told it is great. Any dissenting voice is registered as a magnitude 8 earthquake on BMW’s very sensitive corporate Richter scale.

So when news began filtering out that BMW will price the all-new Z4 Roadster at an entry-level $65k we thought BMW really has lost it. They overpriced it with their eyes wide shut.

BMW z4, Eyes Wide Shut, dailycarblog.com

The original Z4 cost $27k when it launched in 2008. We would say that’s affordable. However inflation increases year on year so naturally, you expect a price rise.

However over the past 30 years wages have actually decreased so BMW’s potential market size has reduced. This is due, in part, to what is known as income inequality.

It’s a corporate-driven philosophy secretly backed by governments. But that’s an argument for another day.

The sixth generation BMW Z4 saw a decline in sales when it ended in 2016. For example, just 1,187 units were sold in the US, for the whole year.

For the 7th generation Z4, BMW teamed up with Toyota to share production costs. That’s a hell of a cost-saving BMW.

You have got to ask, what planet is BMW on right now? they have priced the dwindling Z4 buyer out of the market and targeted an even smaller group of 21st-century elite robber barons.

The BWW Z4 represents income inequality, it is a sign of a broken middle class that is under financial pressure.

So the out-of-touch Z4 has shifted sides to the out-of-touch elite class and that’s why the “gilded age” BMW Z4 is the worst car of the week.



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