You Can Now A Widebody Kit For Your Tesla Model S To Make It Look Awesome

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The ingredients are rather simple. You Take a Tesla Model S P100D. Add lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels, a bespoke suspension, new shocks, carbon ceramic brakes and… Something is missing, right? You need a carbon widebody kit and it just so happens Unplugged Performace can also supply that.

Located in Hawthorne, California Unplugged Performance touts themselves as the world leader in premium performance upgrades for Tesla. So. They are specialists.

Unplugged Performance, Tesla model S, wideboy, side view,

They design and build all parts in-house. From the custom suspension to the widebody kit.

Their Tesla model S body kit adds 80mm to the width of the standard car, and this allows for wider tyres. And also an additional choice of 21-inch alloy wheels.

Unplugged Performance, Tesla model S, wideboy, interior,

Unplugged Performance is also promising to eclipse Tesla’s 2.3second 0-62mph time by reprogramming the on-board CPU to boost power.

The Unplugged Tesla Model S will be on display at the forthcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas. As such it has benefitted from a re-trimmed interior.

Unplugged Performance, Tesla model S, wideboy, rear view,

And it’s a rather tasty Alcantara/Leather/carbon combo with quilted highlights. Like most aftermarket companies Unplugged performance will tailor the interior to your personal specification.

But there is a price to pay for all this aftermarket cosseting. That’s $30,000 extra for the S-APEX wide body kit. Of course, you need to supply your own Tesla.



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