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5 Expert Tips On How to Get the Most Cash for Your Junk Car

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If you’re looking to realize some of the value in your vehicle, even if it’s pretty much junk at this point, then you can sell it to a business that will pay cash. Auto salvage lots pay money for your junk vehicle either in whole or in parts and then sell those parts to other vehicle owners or to repair garages that need them to conduct repairs. Getting the maximum value for your vehicle can be simplified, however, so that you’re always getting the best deal. Here are a few tips from the Langley Scrap & Junk Car Removal for CASH.

Make Sure You Can Verify Ownership

Do you have the title to your vehicle? If you don’t already have it, then you should do your best to obtain it as it makes selling your vehicle much easier. Salvage lots and scrap yards will only purchase vehicles from the owner of the vehicle.

Figure Out How Much Your Vehicle Is Worth

The first thing you need to do is get an assessment of the total damage the vehicle has taken over its lifetime. You can then figure out what the Blue Book value of the vehicle is. When you check for prices from scrap yards and salvage lots, you will typically be met with lots of questions, such as whether your vehicle is operational, what damage it has suffered from, and so on. You can take some steps to make your vehicle roadworthy by repairing some of the damage yourself. A roadworthy vehicle will be worth a lot more than one that can’t move. Also, it’s a lot cheaper to drive the vehicle to the salvage lot than to pay the salvage lot to tow it from your backyard.

Shop Around for Prices

You should contact all the salvage lots in your locality as well as those in nearby areas. You might be surprised to find out that there are vast price differences between localities, making it more lucrative to drive the vehicle a long distance to sell it. Some yards won’t even pay if they have to tow the vehicle while others will pay a lot depending on the model, make and damage to the vehicle. Once you have lots of quotes from different junkyards, it’s much easier to choose where to sell your vehicle for the maximum benefit.

Work Out Vehicle Delivery

You have a choice between towing the vehicle to the salvage lot and driving it yourself. Most yards will pay more for a vehicle if they don’t have to work out the delivery themselves since it will mean savings in both time and money for them. Make sure you bring in the proper title of the vehicle and that it is in your name as the salvage lot will not accept it if you’re not the legal owner.

Consider Breaking Your Vehicle Up

It might be that there was a specific thing that made your junk vehicle not roadworthy. If the rest of it is in good condition, then you can break up the vehicle and sell the good parts.



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